Mattress Technology

Swan Spring Production

Swantech and Swanform springs are heat treated twice to ensure the ultimate in performance and durability and are designed to encourage good posture and offer dynamic support, ventilation and thermoregulation, ensuring a consistent and peaceful sleeping experience every night.

With a Swan Mattress, you can guarantee high performance springs that will last longer and offer reliable comfort and support, with a fast cooling, hypo-allergenic mattress for the optimal sleeping experience.

Caring for Your New Mattress

1. Air your new Mattress for a few hours.
2. All ways use a superior Mattress Protector.
3. Body impressions are not a defect in the Mattress. These are most notable in the morning as the surface has been depressed for hours.
4. Rotate and/or turn your Mattress once a month to evenly settle the fillings.